Bentley to stop making 12-cylinder engines and go electric

It has committed to spending £2.5bn on going electric by 2030

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As it transitions into making electric vehicles (EVs), Bentley has revealed it will end the production of its 12-cylinder engine in April.

The luxury car manufacturer’s CEO Adrian Hallmark said: “The time has come to retire this now iconic powertrain as we take strides toward electrification.”

Called the W12, Bentley has stated it will commemorate the engine by building the most powerful version of it yet to be in 18 performance cars priced at $2 million (£1.6m) that have already been sold.

Bentley’s W12 engine up close – Image: / Shutterstock

The news comes after the company revealed its desire last year to spend £2.5 billion by 2030 to turn the automaker into an EV firm.

Given its specificities, only 30 employees work on the manufacturing of the engine – they will be moved into other operations, Bentley said.

Expansion of its hybrid engines will also replace production of the W12.

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