Monday 4 July 2022

We’re in a ‘window of opportunity’ for net zero

We’re in a ‘window of opportunity’ for net zero

“My biggest hope is that the economic uncertainty we see at the moment doesn’t derail the sustainability agenda.”

That’s the opinion of Marc Garner, VP for Secure Power at Schneider Electric, who spoke with future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose during the Big Zero Show this week.

He describes this period now as a “window of opportunity” to achieve net zero and fight climate change, stating that “every year we delay, the challenge becomes bigger.”

How can data and digital be the key in this journey?

Marc explains that understanding the possibilities of technology can answer some of the toughest questions on where to go next in cutting emissions.

“82% of the energy savings that could be made in buildings remains untapped today. The technology exists to improve it but 82% of it isn’t being used in the right way,” he says.

Watch the full interview, covering a wide range of scenarios and topics around digital and how we cannot reach net zero without it.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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