Vattenfall ‘unfreezes’ EV charge for polar temperatures!

The company has trialled the use of an electric truck within the arctic circle

Big Zero Report 2023

How far will an electric truck go on a single charge when the temperature drops to -30°C?

Energy company Vattenfall has partnered with Volvo Trucks, ABB and mining company Kaunis Iron to trial electric trucks in sub-zero temperatures.

The test aimed at exploring whether it is feasible to replace diesel-powered transport of 14-tonne truckloads of iron ore sludge with new electric trucks.

The experiment, which took place in Sweden‘s uppermost region within the arctic circle and lasted four weeks, saw a battery-powered truck driven for over 280 kilometres of frozen routes.

Lino Martino, one of the truck drivers who participated in the test, said: “This new truck is so quiet, you cannot hear the engine, even when under heavy loads.

“And the vibrations are way less noticeable than with a diesel vehicle, so it’s, without doubt, a more convenient work environment to operate in.”

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