Wednesday 28 July 2021

Scott Richards Solicitors, a law firm with a sustainable difference

Scott Richards Solicitors, a law firm with a sustainable difference

A business must bring its people along on its journey to sustainability - without buy-in from staff, it's impossible to move in the right direction.

That's the suggestion from Jamie Dyson, Managing Partner of Scott Richards Solicitors, a law firm based in Teignmouth, Devon.

Jamie spoke to future Net Zero Editor Jonny Bairstow about how the business teamed up with Balanced Energy to undergo transformational change over the past 12 months and become a green business.

The law firm established a 'Go Green Committee' made up of staff members from across the firm that work together to come up with ideas to boost sustainability, such as purchasing electric cars for the staff fleet, switching to recycled hand towels and toilet roll and transitioning from a reliance on paper files to digital alternatives.

Balanced Energy provided Scott Richards Solicitors with the future Net Zero Standard, a tool to help businesses calculate the impact and scale of their existing emissions so that they can work to reduce them in a strategic and effective manner.

Jamie notes the green changes are already having an impact on public perception and market competitiveness - he explained: "There's definitely been more than a handful of people now enquiring about what our carbon footprint is and about what our commitment to reducing what the impact on the local environment is - that's been asked on a number of occasions and there's a number of people who have confirmed that the reason they appointed Scott Richards in their instruction is because of what they've seen we do towards reducing our carbon footprint."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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