Berlin boosts e-bus network with 90 electric vehicles

It is said to be one of the biggest contracts of its kind in Europe

Big Zero Report 2023

Berlin’s public transport operator Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe has boosted its network with 90 new electric buses.

The upgrade of its fleet comes after signing with the Polish manufacturer Solaris what is considered to be one of the biggest battery-powered bus contracts in Europe.

The vehicles, which will carry up to 65 passengers each, feature batteries with a total capacity of 300kW and air conditioning with carbon dioxide heat pump.

Germany’s capital has now a total of 123 electric Solaris buses.

Christian Goll, Managing Director of Solaris Deutschland GmbH, said: “I am extremely happy that Solaris is part of the swift transition to zero-emission solutions of public transport in Berlin.

“Quiet and zero-emission Urbino electric buses carry the city’s residents every day, thus contributing to a reduction in noise and pollutant emissions in the city.”

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