LEGO to invest $400m to accelerate sustainability

Funds will be allocated on the development of eco-friendly materials and actions to inspire children to learn more about sustainability through play

LEGO has unveiled plans to invest up to $400 million (£309m) in the next three years to accelerate sustainability.

The funding is aimed to address the need for more sustainable products, zero waste and carbon-neutral operations and ultimately to inspire children to learn more about sustainability through play.

In 2015, the firm set a target to make its products from sustainable materials by 2030 and that’s why it has implemented the expansion of bio-bricks, such as those made from sugar cane, which currently accounts for almost 2% of the company’s element portfolio.

The company has also announced it will begin to phase out single-use plastic bags used in LEGO boxes to package the loose bricks.

This is part of LEGO’s ambition to make all its packaging sustainable by the end of 2025.

The LEGO Group CEO, Niels Christiansen said: “As a company who looks to children as our role models, we are inspired by the millions of kids who have called for more urgent action on climate change. We believe they should have access to opportunities to develop the skills necessary to create a sustainable future.”

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