Friday 28 August 2020

US backs carbon-neutral hybrid electric aviation with $33m

US backs carbon-neutral hybrid electric aviation with $33m

The US Department of Energy has announced $33 million in funding for 17 projects which will work toward carbon-neutral hybrid electric aviation.

The scientific teams aim to develop innovative, lightweight efficient all-electric powertrains with advanced thermal management systems, to help enable net zero carbon emissions for single-aisle passenger commercial jets.

Projects will also seek to create innovative, cost-effective and high-performance energy storage and power generation systems for electric planes, with a focus on fuel-to-electric power conversion technologies.

According to figures, commercial air travel on single-aisle aircraft is believed to release nearly double the emissions produced by any other type of transport, including rail, bus, or car.

Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s Director Lane Genatowski said: "Millions of Americans travel on single-aisle aircraft every year, contributing to continued increases in energy use and emissions by commercial airlines.

"Teams will work to lower these burdens by creating innovative new systems to enable more cost-effective and efficient flight systems for commercial travel."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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