Renault Trucks accelerates energy transition with fuel made from French rapeseed

The biodiesel is expected to help reduce emissions, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides

Net Hero Podcast

Renault Trucks has joined forces with agro-industrial group Avril to make all of its trucks run exclusively on a fuel made from French rapeseed.

To accelerate the trucking industry’s shift to renewables, the group will create a technical system which will allow five, eight and 13-litre vehicles to use Oleo100, the B100 produced by Saipol, an Avril subsidiary.

The biodiesel, which is 100% plant-based and renewable, offers vehicles a range said to be similar to that of diesel and is expected to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and residual hydrocarbons.

In an announcement, Renault Trucks said: “This solution is a key step for obtaining an anti-pollution sticker and will help transporters undertake their energy transition easily and affordably.”