South California launches ‘largest public EV fast-charging station in US’

The facility, called the Marengo Charging Plaza, will boast a total of 44 EV chargers

The Big Zero report

Image: FNZ

The City of Pasadena in South California has partnered with Tesla to launch what claims to be the ‘nation’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging station’. 

Marengo Charging Plaza will boast a total of 44 chargers, including fast chargers which will make it possible for EV drivers to charge up and add up to 100 miles to their range in less than 30 minutes.

Marvin Moon, Assistant General Manager of Power Delivery for Pasadena Water and Power (PWP), said: “We knew this would help advance EV adoption and give confidence to potential consumers that EV infrastructure was accessible and nearby to where they live or work.”

PWP, the city’s utility, has more than doubled the installation of public EV charging infrastructure within Pasadena in the past year and received the distinction of having the highest percentage of EV drivers among all Southern California electric utilities.

Stantec and Greenlots, a developer of EV charging and energy management technologies, was selected to assist with the design and the installation of the city-owned fast chargers.

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