Friday 28 June 2019

Highways England rolls out electric roadworks vehicles trial

Highways England rolls out electric roadworks vehicles trial

Highways England is trialling two fully electric roadworks vehicles as part of its efforts to tackle air pollution.

The five-month trial is being funded from its £75 million fund designated for air quality improvements along motorways and major A roads.

One of the vehicles is being used across the East Midlands and the other on a major scheme which is improving the A14 in the East of England.

Highways England is working with H W Martin (Traffic Management Ltd) to trial the vehicles, which are being used for various tasks including traffic management, maintenance operations as well as the installation and removal of lane closures for construction work.

Researchers from the University of Bath are collecting and analysing data from the trial to determine what activities these new vehicles are best suited for.

The results from the post-trial report will also inform future work around assessing how charging infrastructure is deployed for major projects and potential for using greener roadworks vehicles across other areas.

Martin Bolt, Corporate Group Lead, Operations Directorate (Midlands) at Highways England said: “We are actively exploring opportunities to improve air quality for those travelling on or living near our roads as well as reduce exposure for road workers. These vehicles help with that and also reduce noise for nearby residents.

“We are now investigating how widely electric vehicles could sustainably be used across Highways England’s roads.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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