Saturday 25 May 2019

London’s cycle strike takes climate action up a gear

London’s cycle strike takes climate action up a gear

Climate activists on bikes formed a convoy through London to block traffic and raise awareness about the role of low carbon transport in cutting the UK's greenhouse gas emissions.

Hundreds of protestors met up at two separate locations, Russell Square and Waterloo Roundabout, before joining up and cycling to Westminster, where the School Strike for Climate action was taking place.

The aim of the protest was to disrupt traffic, a major source of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and harmful particulate matter, and bring the importance of encouraging a shift to low carbon forms of transport to the attention of politicians and the wider public.

The cyclists called for better cycling infrastructure to be built, for fossil fuel-based forms of transport to be more heavily taxed and for more investment to be ploughed into public transport across the city.

ELN spoke to a young protestor who said: "The people have spoken, time is running out, we need to make a change, or else."

Earlier this month the National Infrastructure Commission called Chancellor Philip Hammond to commit to a “once-in-a-generation transformation” of the energy, transport and technology networks in the UK.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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