Tuesday 16 April 2019

Sustainable sips with Polar Krush’s paper straws

Sustainable sips with Polar Krush’s paper straws

A UK-based iced drinks company has launched a new straw that is 100% environmentally friendly, in what is claimed to be a world-first.

Polar Krush, headquartered in Northumberland, says its ‘paper spoon straw’ replaces the traditional polypropylene straws, which although recyclable, are not as green and 100% biodegradable as paper straws.

The new straw features a spoon-like scoop at one end and consists of three layers of paper bonded together for strength and durability.

The project is part of Polar Krush’s four-year investment programme, which includes investing in solar panels at its factory, using eco-friendly packaging and investing in a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs).

Michael Reid, Sales Director at Polar Krush said: “We are proud to have the most healthy and natural iced drink on the market and now we aim to have one of the most environmentally friendly as well. The health of our customers and the planet we share is very important to us.

“Our young consumers are extremely environmentally conscious, which is reflected in the strong message that our ground-breaking paper spoon straw sends. Through this innovation, we can avoid millions of pieces of single use plastic being released into the environment over the coming years.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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