Sunday 17 March 2019

GE Renewable’s 5.3MW prototype wind turbine enters operation

GE Renewable’s 5.3MW prototype wind turbine enters operation

GE Renewable's massive 5.3MW prototype wind turbine is now fully operational.

The giant structure has been successfully installed in Wieringermeer in the Netherlands and will continue to be operated during coming months to test its performance.

The company says its two-piece blade design will allow it to use larger rotors, lower the cost of electricity and offer additional flexibility in terms of where wind turbines can be located.

Named the Cypress platform, the technology can be built in a number of different configurations to provide a range of power ratings at a variety of hub heights.

GE Renewable Energy says this adaptability is critical as onshore wind power increasingly competes on price with other sources of energy generation.

CEO Jérôme Pécresse said: "We're delighted with the progress our team has been able to make in bringing our innovative, high-tech turbine to market on an accelerated schedule.

"We are confident that Cypress, with its two-piece blade design, will be a game changer for the industry."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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