Friday 16 November 2018

Break the Monopoly: KiWi Power & Resilience Energy Partner to Offer Domestic Demand Side Response

Break the Monopoly: KiWi Power & Resilience Energy Partner to Offer Domestic Demand Side Response

KiWi Power and Resilience Energy have entered into a strategic partnership so as to deliver a Residential Demand Response proposition to the UK's Domestic Energy Market. This unique approach will leverage KiWi's experience in Frequency Response and Battery Asset Management, whilst Resilience Energy will provide access to an ever-growing client-base which will help create a scalable, domestic Virtual Power Plant platform. A value-added benefit of this approach is that it will help reduce domestic energy consumption during peak hours and deliver tangible savings to end-users. This hope is that this could lead to the first Domestic Solar Arbitrage programme of its kind in the UK, allowing for households to become active participants in helping balance the UK Electricity Grid.

Resilience offers energy self-sufficiency to consumers by giving them the hardware, software and energy contracts they need to generate, store and sell energy. Resilience's algorithm maximises homeowner savings and revenue by selling electricity on the spot market, as well as providing spare battery capacity to National Grid to help with grid balancing. Resilience Energy plans to target the 23 million detached, semi-detached, and terraced UK households that used traditional energy suppliers, as well as the 800k households with rooftop-mounted solar PV arrays.

KiWi Power is the UK's leading Demand Response Aggregator and has been a key player in the UK energy market since 2009. KiWi works with policymakers and system operators to evolve the energy landscape. As such, KiWi Power has been instrumental in setting up new Demand Response programmes in the UK and Internationally. KiWi Power is the only Demand Response provider to offer the full suite of balancing programmes and is looking to leverage this experience in the domestic market.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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