Wednesday 17 October 2018

UK Government launches new Energy Data Taskforce

UK Government launches new Energy Data Taskforce

The UK Government and Ofgem have launched a new Energy Data Taskforce.

Run by Energy Systems Catapult and chaired by Laura Sandys from Challenging Ideas, it will undertake a review of the data landscape, identifying gaps and making suggestions on how data can be used more effectively in the energy system, focused on improving data flows “to optimise the operation of the energy system”.

It will deliver recommendations for how industry and the public sector can work together to reduce costs and facilitate competition, innovation and new business models in the energy sector through improving data availability and transparency.

BEIS says the efficient integration of solutions such as demand response, electric vehicles and storage may require better handling of real-time data, improved forecasting capabilities and better access to data for new players in the system.

The taskforce will produce a report that identifies how to move from the current data landscape to one where competition and innovation are enabled by “more open, richer data” and should consider how energy system data impacts and interchanges with other sectors and the wider society.

The government expects greater data availability and transparency to enable smart grids and technologies to work more efficiently in terms of predicting supply and demand more accurately, providing greater visibility of generation, storage and demand assets and preparing the network for upcoming challenges such as increased uptake of EVs and electric heat pumps.

It also hopes to create new revenue streams by improving price discovery and through combining existing and new data sets in novel ways, address engagement barriers and significantly enhance consumers’ ability to make informed choices while accessing the best energy deals.

The announcement is part of first ever Green GB Week, designed to highlight the opportunities clean growth offers the UK and raise understanding of how businesses and the public can contribute to tackling climate change.

Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry said: “In an age where data is transforming every area of our lives, from driving to dating, it’s only appropriate that we take a long hard look at what data means for energy customers and how it can be used more effectively to lower energy bills.”

Ms Perry is the headline speaker at Energy Live Expo on 31st October in London. To book your place (free if you’re an end user), you can e-mail

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