Wednesday 3 October 2018

Pakistan’s new 1.3GW coal plant connected to national grid

Pakistan’s new 1.3GW coal plant connected to national grid

Pakistan's new 1.3GW coal-fired power plant has been connected with the country's national grid.

The China Power Hub Generation Company's (CPHGC) facility, which is currently being built in Hub, Balochistan, has achieved back energisation of its 500KV system from nearby transmission lines - this is the process of feeding power from the grid to the generators and marks an important milestone.

The back energisation operation and its preceding tests were completed safely, with all the parameters of the relevant grid equipment found to be within normal limits.

The company is now preparing for the system commissioning of the coal-fired plant's first unit.

Zhao Yonggang, CEO of CPHGC, said: "CPHGC is a prime example of the bonds of friendship that exist between Pakistan and China.

"Chinese and the Pakistanis are working together to help alleviate the problem of electricity shortage that will go a long way in helping to strengthen the Pakistani economy."

Around 10,000 of the poorest homes inĀ PakistanĀ are expected to have access to solar power by the end of 2018.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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