Tuesday 18 September 2018

Overflowing rubbish leads to wheelie bin black market

Overflowing rubbish leads to wheelie bin black market

Inadequate household rubbish collections across the UK have led to a black market for buying bins.

Waste management agency Business Waste says 54% of the public, struggling with collection times and space in their normal household bins, would prefer their council taxes to pay for more frequent bin collections.

It warns frustrated households are turning to desperate measures to dispose of their waste, including turning to theft to stash their rubbish.

The firm claims many people have resorted to buying extra waste bins stolen from different areas - these can sell for only £20 for a new bin, compared with prices between £50 and £150 from councils.

A spokesperson for Business Waste said: "While it could be tempting for households to ‘acquire’ another bin, by legitimate or otherwise means, there’s plenty that can be done to reduce the load in their main rubbish bin.

"Ensuring proper recycling can often see a dramatic reduction in the waste going to their main rubbish bin, which goes to landfill instead of being re-used and once it’s part of your routine, it takes no time at all."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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