Tuesday 17 July 2018

Water way for Heathrow to go sustainable!

Water way for Heathrow to go sustainable!

London Heathrow has partnered with dedicated water retailer Affinity for Business for the supply of its clean and waste water services.

The alliance will focus on a long-term, shared commitment towards more sustainable water usage across the whole of the Heathrow estate over an initial five-year contract.

Home to more than 400 separate businesses and employing around 76,000 workers, Heathrow Airport is one of the largest private water networks in Europe and operates within a highly populated and water-stressed area.

The new partnership aims to find innovative ways to reduce overall water usage through measures such as the reduction of potable water waste and the introduction of non-treated water recycling schemes.

Keith Lockhart, Categories Manager at Heathrow Airport, said: "As a busy airport, Heathrow is one of the biggest consumers of water in the local area and we have a duty to act responsibly and sustainably when it comes to its use.

"Affinity for Business are not only a reliable partner that get the basics right, they also share our values and goals when it comes to great service and a sustainable future."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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