Monday 2 July 2018

Refgas…all our energy is stored in a shed!

Refgas…all our energy is stored in a shed!

Whilst energy storage mechanisms have improved dramatically over recent times, e.g. hi-tech battery storage being a prime example………….with a Refgas gasification and CHP plant, all you need is a nice, roomy shed in which to store your feedstock.

As the system is extremely flexible and can be started up and shut down in minutes rather than hours or days, the energy-rich feedstock, generally derived from waste wood or processed MSW can be stored or utilised as and when required.

This feedstock is dry, odour-free and capable of being stored and transported without the issues associated with putrescible wastes such as raw household waste…….so there isn’t a problem.

……and when you need to start producing heat and power, or to ramp up production for peak energy demand, the Refgas system does its bit, converting the feedstock into an ultra-clean syngas, which drives large reciprocating engines to produce heat and power, with electricity outputs from 1MWe up to 20MWe !!!

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