Grid balancing tech takes step closer to commercialisation

The Faraday Grid Exchanger has been independently validated by a research institution

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New grid balancing technology has taken a step closer to commercialisation with independent validation from a research institution.

The Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) completed a series of tests on the Faraday Grid’s Grid Exchanger technology and examined its voltage regulation and power control performance.

The device’s primary function is enabling bi-directional power flow, with each device managing its immediate network area to maintain grid stability.

The PNDC said the device fulfilled each task it is meant to do.

Its developers say wide adoption of the technology across a grid system could significantly improve power quality and reliability, increase equipment lifetimes and reduce required capital investment in mitigation technologies.

Andrew Scobie, Founder and CEO at The Faraday Grid, said: “We’re delighted that the Faraday Exchanger has been tested against the highest standards in the sector, and found to deliver.

“The validation that the Faraday Exchanger can regulate power flow paves the way for substantially higher levels of renewable generation than can currently be tolerated in electricity networks.”