Monday 14 May 2018

Renewable, on-site heat and power generation…around the clock

Renewable, on-site heat and power generation…around the clock

Continuous power generation isn’t always available from the cleanest and greenest renewable energy technologies. Whilst wind and solar power provide valuable outputs, they must be supplemented by energy storage systems or other types of generators, to provide 24/7 availability for our energy-hungry, round-the-clock economy.

Not so with gasification. This process can operate continuously, often using combustible materials extracted from municipal and industrial waste streams, converting this feedstock into an energy-rich gas, and then using this gas to fuel modern, efficient gas engines, generating heat and electricity when and where it is needed.

Refgas Ltd has spent a decade perfecting this technique, and, with its modular construction, facilities can be delivered to provide heat and power for a single, local factory…..or multiple units can be combined to service an industrial park or a localised heat and power scheme. It’s even possible for a number of satellite stations to be established for town or city-scale generation projects, combining with other generating techniques, and helping to minimise energy costs whilst at the same time maximising environmental benefits.

Yes….this process is VERY clean. The hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (Syngas) it produces is cleaner than natural gas, making this one of the cleanest thermal power techniques on the planet. “Not all our fellow generators can make this statement”, explained Phil Scowcroft, Refgas’ Commercial Director , “ but it is vitally important to us that both the public and the authorities are entirely comfortable with our environmental credentials, and can embrace this technique as one which can play a major role in replacing our dirty, coal-fired past with a clean and efficient power generation model for the future”.

With its first 6MWe project (shown above) already constructed and coming on stream in the coming months, Refgas is now working with developers, energy companies, waste and recycling businesses and industrial energy users, turning the country’s waste materials into a gas that’s cleaner than we use in our homes !

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