Friday 20 April 2018

‘Journey to Mars will change how we live on Earth’

‘Journey to Mars will change how we live on Earth’

Mars One's planned journey to the red planet in 2032 will change how humans think about and live on the Earth for the better.

That's according to CEO and Co-Founder of the space exploration business, Bas Lansdorp, who spoke to ELN about the possible knock-on effects the voyage could deliver.

He believes establishing a permanent habitable settlement on Mars isn't about running away from an Earth ruined by climate change and pollution - instead, he thinks it will help people appreciate Planet Earth more.

He said: "Showing people that the second best place in the solar system, which is Mars, is a dry desert planet, it will make them more aware about how special our Earth is, it will make them more aware that this is our spaceship and we are not the passengers, we are the crew."

He said not only will the mission change the mindset of people on Earth by inspiring more scientists, engineers and explorers, the project will also result in a number of useful spin-off technologies.

These could include food production that has been developed to be less water and energy-intensive, as well as better methods of recycling.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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