Friday 1 September 2017

Premier Inn owner books self-supply retail water licence

Premier Inn owner books self-supply retail water licence

The owner of brands such as Premier Inn, Costa Coffee and Beefeater has become the first hospitality multinational to be granted a self-supply licence in the new water market.

With the opening of the retail water market earlier this year, eligible organisations can now self-supply and manage their own water retail services, such as meter readings.

Whitbread said the self-supply licence will help drive cost and consumption control in the next phase of its water management strategy.

John Russell, Ofwat Senior Director of Strategy, Planning and Policy added: “For a large, multi-site business like Whitbread, opting to become a self-supplier offers a range of benefits such as reducing administration costs, cutting out the margin that goes to others in the supply chain and having more control over the service they get.”

A recent survey by Consumer Council for Water revealed more than half of micro, small and medium sized businesses are still unaware of the new retail water market in England.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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