Wednesday 11 January 2017

New Kodak development shows flash of brilliance

New Kodak development shows flash of brilliance

An energy optimisation tool has allowed a Kodak manufacturing plant to reduce its annual energy bill by 11%.

Digital scanning, imaging and photographic specialist Kodak Alaris used DONG Energy's cloud-based Site Optimisation product to streamline operations at the factory.

The tool monitors half-hourly signals from the power market and calculates the most cost-effective operating schedule available.

It also accounts for operational constraints such as start-up times or daily cycle limits for machinery and works around them to ensure its plan is practical and commercially-viable to implement.

The firm decided upon a schedule that was within 3% of what the tool initially suggested.

David Jeans, Energy Manager at Kodak Alaris, said: "Discovering this innovative product was a real ‘light bulb moment’ – it really does feel like a different plant now.

"We used to have a plan that didn’t change all week because it was built on averages. Now we have a plan that changes from hour to hour and that really optimises what the plant is doing each day."

DONG Energy says as well as saving money, the technology also allows for far greater energy flexibility - it can manage sites that produce their own electricity to decide when power should be used and when it should be sold to the grid.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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