Friday 18 November 2016

Hydrogen cars could be used to power homes

Hydrogen cars could be used to power homes

Hydrogen cars could soon be used to power homes and offer a back up off grid.

ELN spoke to Jon Hunt, Toyota Mirai Champion, about the high-tech vehicles' potential to solve energy security concerns.

He explained that owners can park their Mirai in their driveway and wire power from the fuel cell into the home, meaning it can cover gaps in intermittent grid power. If the power on the car's 220 volt hydrogen cell was originally generated renewably, this means a house can be powered in a 100% green way.

Mr Hunt told ELN the reverse-charging capability isn't just limited to homes. He said: "In some commercial uses, you're looking at buildings, normal workplace buildings, being operated and run through the vehicles in their car park and when everyone goes home and they need power again, they plug their car into the building and run their homes as well."

ELN recently visited London's newest hydrogen pumping station as part of ITM's hydrogen rally.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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