Monday 19 September 2016

EDF Energy boss warns nuclear still faces challenges

EDF Energy boss warns nuclear still faces challenges

EDF Energy’s CEO Vincent de Rivaz has said the UK nuclear sector will face a number of challenges.

His comments follow last week’s final go-ahead for the £18 billion nuclear project, Hinkley Point C.

According to a report by the Telegraph, ministers want Hinkley to be the first of a number of new reactors in the country.

However, Mr de Rivaz told the paper, EDF would face challenges to make Sizewell “significantly cheaper” than Hinkley.

He admitted he was unsure how the company would fund the plant.

He added: “We are not in a position to say anything about the way we are going to finance Sizewell... We have a lot to do to deliver a lower cost and we have a lot to do to find a way to finance it. We are not yet there. What is down the road is not going to be easy. To build these two plants will not be easy."

Mr de Rivaz also said China’s planned plant at Bradwell faced “many hurdles” to be approved and he believes it would “not be delivered before the next decade”, though he was “confident” it would eventually succeed.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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