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AB’s cogeneration in support of Pizzoli’s green policy

AB’s cogeneration in support of Pizzoli’s green policy

AB’s cogeneration is confirmed as the ideal solution for the food industry and so Pizzoli SpA, a worldwide reference in the sector, having always been attentive to environmental policies and energy efficiency, has chosen to use the company's technology at the Orzinuovi facilities. As a leading potato processor, part of Pizzoli’s "green" philosophy is the development of a plan for energy efficiency with the addition of a new AB cogeneration plant, a practical solution that allows the Budrio (BO) facilities to produce electricity and thermal energy while safeguarding the environment.

Orzinuovi (Bs), May 2015. Pizzoli, the historic Italian company in the production and marketing of fresh and frozen potatoes, is committed to growing in harmony with the land where the headquarters are, aiming to strike a balance between reducing consumption and energy efficiency. The production of electricity and thermal energy is very important in coping with food processing problems, considering the significant and ongoing energy needs required by the production chain of the facilities in Budrio. The development of a streamlining plan that involves production units and has in cogeneration the main technology to meet corporate expectations, falls into this "green economy" philosophy.

Pizzoli SpA has chosen to entrust AB, a world leader in the sector and with a great experience in streamlining the food industry, with the construction of a cogeneration plant within its main production facilities in the province of Bologna.

The ECOMAX® 20 HE plant is fuelled by natural gas and is a modular solution in containers, with a rated output at full load of 2,004 kWe, with cogenerated thermal power equal to 1,893 kW, referred to an introduced thermal power of 4,604.

The new plant produces electricity which, net of auxiliary equipment consumption from the mains, is used to meet the facilities’ energy needs and the co-generated thermal energy is used for technological uses through the production of hot water (about 90°C) and steam (about 16 barg). With the new plant, operating since January 2015, there is a saving of about 2,000 tons of CO2 emitted per year and operability of the Group amounting to about 6,800 hours/year.


CHP characteristics:

PCI methane kWh/Nmc 9,5
Gas consumption Nmc/h 485
Introduced power kW 4.604
Mechanical power output kW 2.058
Electrical power output kWe 2.004
Recoverable thermal power kWt 1.893
Electrical output % 43,5
Thermal output % 41,1
Total output % 84,6



Founded by Angelo Baronchelli in Orzinuovi in 1981, AB ( operates in the cogeneration and Renewable Energy Sources sectors. Today, AB is the global reference point for cogeneration, thanks to its modular solutions for the exterior from 100 to 10,000 kWe. To date, over 900 plants have been installed with a total nominal electrical power that exceeds 1,300 MW. Over the last few years, the productive capacity has quadrupled and the number of employees exceeds 500. Today, AB has its own branches in Poland, Serbia, Croatia as well as Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Israel and has recently opened in Russia and Turkey too.


The company was founded in Budrio, province of Bologna, by Mario Pizzoli in 1926, and is now in its third generation: The current Managing Director is Nicola Pizzoli and Ennio and Irnerio Pizzoli, sons of the founder, are still with the company.

A forward-looking company, it introduced frozen potatoes to Italy when the market did not yet exist (1969), firstly importing them from Holland, and then creating its first industrial facility.

It is also an innovator in the fresh food sector. In 2007, it launched a highly commended bio fortified potato and marketed a range of high grade potatoes thanks to specific varieties and provenance. As a leader in the retail channel, it has established a very close relationship with the Italian agricultural fabric with an intense degree of participation in the development of the entire Italian potato spin-offs.

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