Friday 17 June 2016

Worker ‘killed in mine explosion near Whitby’

Worker ‘killed in mine explosion near Whitby’

A man has reportedly died after a gas explosion at a mine near Whitby.

Operator ICL UK told ELN that emergency services and the in-house rescue team are currently down the Boulby potash mine to take account of the situation.

Reports claim the employee was killed in the early hours of this morning following a "sudden and powerful" release of gas known as a "blow out".

They add all other employees were safely evacuated.

The man's family and Her Majesty's Mine Inspectorate have reportedly been informed.

The Boulby mine is one of the deepest in Europe, reaching down 1,400 metres and stretching out under the North Sea. There are 1,100 employees at the site and the potash it produces is used to make fertilisers.

There was an underground fire at the mine in April which resulted in seven workers being admitted to hospital for checks.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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