Monday 4 April 2016

Make a date with Earth Day and reduce your energy costs

Make a date with Earth Day and reduce your energy costs

It’s Earth Day on 22nd April – what are you doing to reduce energy consumption and help the planet?

The organisers of Earth Day expect more than a billion people in 192 countries to focus on the environment on that particular day, with activities ranging from planting trees to cleaning up their local communities.

This year is one of the most significant in Earth Day’s 46-year history because world leaders are being invited to the United Nations to sign the Paris Climate Agreement which was reached last December.

As people continue to demand action from their governments to address climate crises, we at Utilitywise will be doing our bit to help businesses cut down on energy and water waste, reduce consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

A day like any other?

In this respect, Earth Day is no different than any other day for us, since we spend much of our time helping businesses to reduce energy consumption by 20%. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t up the ante by encouraging more businesses to get involved.

There are plenty of steps your business can take to make an impact on Earth Day, especially if you get your employees on board.

They can make a difference by switching off lights when they’re not in a room, turning off appliances on standby and disabling screensavers. Just closing doors can reduce heating costs by 30%!

You could also ask them to check for drips and water leaks – repairing a dripping tap could save a bath of water a day.

Save the day with energy management

With our Utility Management Plan though, your business can achieve a lot more through energy management: lower your energy and water bills, make your business more efficient and mitigate the effects of Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and P272.

We can audit your water and energy usage and identify where savings are possible, reporting back to you on changes that can be made, the costs and the payback period.

With Utility Insight, our web-based reporting platform, you can monitor your energy and water consumption and get in-depth analysis. With expert backup from our account managers, you can use the information to make efficiencies, reduce CO2 emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

All this is available not just on Earth Day but every day of the year. Just so you know.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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