Thursday 18 June 2015

Gas system long – DMR

Gas system long – DMR

The gas system is oversupplied this morning at 11mcm, according to npower’s daily market report.

This is due to strong imports through the Balgzand Bacton Line (BBL) interconnector from the Netherlands.

Demand forecasts are also lower at 157mcm and storage injections are nominated at 24mcm.

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Ben Spry from npower’s optimisation desk said: “On the power system we are seeing a pretty comfortable outlook again today.”

Wind is currently generating 3.3GW, which might dip to below 3GW by the peak period this afternoon.

Solar generation is expected to reach a yearly high today at 6.3GW.

Brent oil is trading at $63.5 a barrel (£40/Bbl).

The euro is slightly lower against the pound (£1 = €1.3942).

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Bruna Pinhoni

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