Sunday 22 December 2013

Biomass woodchip firm calls for clarity on diseased timber

Biomass woodchip firm calls for clarity on diseased timber

A firm producing renewable woodchip for use in biomass heating has called on the Government to make clear how restrictions on the use of diseased timber apply to businesses.

If an area of woodland becomes diseased the Forestry Commission can take measures to quarantine the area, including forcing landowners to fell any infected trees. It means more wood can become available for sale but the company said there’s a grey area over how it can use the timber.

Simon Lloyd-Jones, Director of Edge Renewables said: “As a producer of renewable wood-chip fuel …it’s unclear within our sector as to the level of restrictions that are, or may be put into place to avoid the further spread of the diseases.”

He added: “If we’re transporting infected timber and processing it alongside normal, healthy wood, then are we leaving ourselves open to restrictive quarantine measures?”

“The growing wood fuel sector needs a lot more clarity from government and its agencies in order to ensure that it can help prevent the further spread of disease whilst putting the timber to use in helping lower carbon emissions from the heating sector.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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