Monday 18 March 2013

npower revamps its energy managing software

npower revamps its energy managing software

Supplier and energy services firm npower has revamped its energy managing software in response to market demands.

Three new features have been added to improve the software  for large and medium sized businesses called ‘encompass’, which helps businesses monitor their energy use and pinpoint where to cut energy waste.

First the encompass ‘Bureau’ lets people monitor their energy use in real time and gives firms access to expert analysts, who will keep a check on this and identify areas where they’re potentially wasting energy.

Jenny Hughes at npower said: “We hope having access to an expert team of energy analysts will be a significant benefit to firms, allowing them to continue to focus on running their businesses while benefiting from effective energy management.”

Another update has been designed to help firms with a ‘volume tolerance’ set in their energy contracts. ‘Tolerances’ are when large firms set in advance the amount of energy they will need. Previously firms which bought energy this way wouldn’t know if they’d gone over their tolerances and could incur penalties. Now the software includes real-time monitoring so firms can compare their use against these tolerances.

A final change called ‘encompass Solo’ lets businesses which aren’t npower customers can use the technology, letting them monitor their energy usage even when it’s supplied from another energy supplier.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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