Monday 14 May 2012

“No more nasty surprises” thanks to smart meters says Hendry

“No more nasty surprises” thanks to smart meters says Hendry

Smart gas and electricity meters will play “a key role in bringing our energy management into the 21st century”, claims Energy Minister Charles Hendry.

Writing in his blog the MP for Weald said smart meters, which send data between suppliers and users, “will provide accurate consumption information and bring an end to estimated billing – so no more nasty surprises for consumers.”

The Government has introduced a mass roll-out of smart meters which will begin in 2014 and aims to be completed in 2019. Some energy suppliers have already started installing smart meters in homes and businesses.

Some people are cynical about how useful smart meters will be, especially over the initial cost involved with installing them. Reports today claim Belgium has rejected installing the devices over this very issue.

Nonetheless, Mr Hendry said the roll-out would benefit the UK by £7 billion: “We are consulting on a series of measures, such as how consumers should be engaged and how data can be accessed and protected, which underline our determination to put consumers’ interests at the heart of the programme.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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