Thursday 10 May 2012

Men are twice as likely to really want a smart meter

Men are twice as likely to really want a smart meter

Men are twice as likely to want a smart meter than women, according to new research released yesterday.

The research carried out amongst 2,000 UK adults in April also suggests more than half the people in Britain don’t know what a smart does.

In a recent poll, only 45% of people could correctly define the role of a smart meter as sending two-way communications between an energy supplier and a household's electricity and gas meter.

The figures suggest the Government has a long way to go to prepare the country for its smart meter rollout. It plans to have 53 million of the devices in UK homes and businesses in less than a decade.

Despite the confusion over the technology, six in ten of people polled said they would be keen to cut energy use if they could “visualise” the savings.

Jean Fiddes, Head of Customer Learning for Smart Meters at E.ON, which commissioned the research said: “Smart meters allow consumers to easily visualise their energy consumption daily, weekly and monthly, meaning they have increased transparency into their daily energy habits, providing accurate bills and greater management of their finances."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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