future Net Zero was launched 27th January 2020 to achieve three things:

  • Inspire businesses to go net zero
  • Commit businesses to their net zero targets
  • Educate businesses on their net zero pathway

Since launch, we have built an audience of 25,000 unique visitors per month interested in all aspects of net zero. This audience is made up of energy and sustainability professionals in businesses looking to achieve their net zero ambitions, whether they are just starting the journey or a long way down the pathway. Our target for January 2022 is to grow the audience to 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Companies that have engaged with future Net Zero include

If you would like to get involved, we have options as a

As a Partner or Supporter, you have a package composed of the following elements:

  1. Collaborative content – content we produce with you such as
    1. Webinars
    2. Zoom interviews
    3. Podcasts
    4. Reports
  2. Seeded content – content produced by yourself and placed on future Net Zero by us. Example: http://bit.ly/ENGIEnetzerocarbon
  3. Engagement stats and data – we will report back to you the companies engaging with your content and the potential contacts in those companies. Please contact Geoff ([email protected]) for a sample report.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Partner, please reach Geoff on 07966 472 180 or get him on his email above.

On 27th January 2021, we pledged that we would get 10,000 businesses to sign up for the FNZ Standard Powered by CBN Expert.

We need 100 Solution Partners to help us achieve that target. If you would like to be considered as one of them, please contact Geoff on [email protected].

Marketing in Energy

We have been helping our customers in the energy sector with their marketing for more than a decade – from highlighting their brand identity to actively driving leads, we know what it takes to showcase your business to your customers with maximum effect.

We are creating a series of weekly videos called ‘Marketing in Energy’, packed full of useful tips and hacks to help you easily and cost-effectively market your business to the industry.

Check out our ‘Marketing in Energy’ hacks below and keep an eye on this page for more content to come!