Could ‘world’s first’ 100% compostable bamboo plasters heal the planet’s wounds?

James Dutton, Founder of Nutricare spoke to FNZ about the business he created after an allergic reaction of his son to common plastic dressings

‘Current global pledges can not solve the climate crisis’

That’s the suggestion from Professor of University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute Mark Baldwin, who spoke to FNZ about the ‘climate hypocrisy’ governments are engaged in

‘Habit, hassle and fear of the unknown pose barriers to sustainable behaviours’

That’s according to Gerdien de Vries, Director of TU Delft Energy Transition Lab who spoke to FNZ about the psychological barriers of green behaviours

Body scanners ‘could limit fashion industry’s carbon footprint’ – but how?

That’s the suggestion from Ganit Goldstein, fashion and textile designer who spoke to FNZ about the way she managed to create a sustainable collection with the help of an innovative technology

‘Light bulb moment came when we learned 90% of the wipes sold in the UK contain plastic’

That’s according to Guy Fennell, who spoke to FNZ about Pura, the company he launched with his wife Abi to make 100% plastic-free baby wipes

‘Fruit peel waste can offer second life to old lithium-ion batteries and contribute to circular economy’

That’s the suggestion from Professor Madhavi Srinivasan and Assistant Professor Dalton Tay who spoke to FNZ about a novel new recycling technique

Majority of consumers ‘still invest in savings accounts or pensions linked to fossil fuels’

Duncan Grierson, CEO and Founder of Clim8 Invest spoke to FNZ about the results of new research, which showed half of the Brits don’t know where their money is invested

Diversity is key for the net zero skills gap

Schneider Electric’s boss in Ireland says different people will bring different thinking to the sector

Sky’s Bigger Picture: ‘This next decade is crucial for people to act’

That’s the suggestion from Fiona Ball, Director of ‘Bigger Picture’ at Sky who spoke to FNZ about the various ways media industry could drive positive change among an audience of millions

Oxford Council to become ‘first UK local authority to set out city-wide air pollution reduction target’

The local authority will introduce a new local annual NO2 target of 30µg/m3 by 2025 stricter than the current legal of 40µg/m3

Nestlé launches ‘plant-based tuna’ to protect ocean biodiversity

The new product is made from a combination of only six plant-based ingredients and is rich in pea protein

SoulRiders arrive in Glasgow – and they come on e-bikes

Scotland is now home to its ‘first-ever’ integrated e-cargo bike delivery and food waste service in Glasgow

Hydrogen fuel cells are ‘vastly superior’ to batteries for commercial transport

That’s the suggestion from Dr Samuel Rowley-Neale, who spoke to future Net Zero about the role the green gas could potentially play in helping to decarbonise transport