New forest to be created in North East to promote a ‘greener future’

Enough trees are set to be planted to cover 35 football pitches in the first year, after receiving £480k in funding from Defra’s Nature for Climate Fund

Eggshell evidence of ancient climate change

New research has shown that Earth faced extreme climate change some 300,000 years ago

SSE launches customer-based brand ‘SSE Energy Solutions’

SSE’s Nikki Flanders spoke to future Net Zero about the rebrand, which is aimed at providing as much help to its customers as possible

Mayors form alliance to accelerate European climate aims

More than 30 mayors have come together demanding more action be taken to implement the European Green Deal

‘Responsible energy use isn’t just about consuming less energy, it’s also about when you consume it’

That was the suggestion from Chris Curry, Head of Flexibility at Bryt Energy, who spoke to future Net Zero about the importance of a flexible energy system on the road to delivering net zero

Festival Net Zero attendees have their say!

Festival Net Zero goers share their experience of the inaugural event at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry

‘The first step to going green is recognising and visualising the problem’

Fabienne Harray Myall, General Manager at Energycentric, said the future Net Zero Standard with CBN Expert allows businesses of all sizes to do just that

What does net zero mean to you?

Net zero had a completely unique meaning for each attendee of Festival Net Zero at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry – watch the video to find out more

Festival Net Zero: Co-operation and partnership on the road to net zero

Experts from Co-op Power, Schneider Electric and Water Plus took to the stage to discuss the importance of collaboration, as well as why you can’t go net zero without thinking about water

Festival Net Zero – that’s a wrap!

Our inaugural Festival Net Zero at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry was a massive success, with hundreds of attendees and online viewers

Hybrid return to work ‘could cost businesses thousands in energy bills’

A new study suggests infrequent workplace visits could worsen the issue of energy waste caused by devices being left on unnecessarily

‘As data centre demand soars, so must the sustainability credentials of the sector’

That’s what Marc Garner, Vice President ITD UK&I at Schneider Electric, told future Net Zero Editor Jonny Bairstow when they spoke about the environmental impacts associated with rapid data centre growth