New emissions standard to boost EVs in Australia

It’s expected to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10m tonnes by 2035

‘Cargo bike deliveries would save the taxpayer £4bn’

They would also heavily reduce air pollution, a study has revealed

UK sticks to 2030 petrol car ban and ZEV Mandate

On top of this, more than £380m has been earmarked to increase the number of EVs on British roads

EU says all new cars must be zero-emission by 2035

Vehicles are responsible for around 15% of the EU’s carbon emissions

‘Drivers could miss out on £9bn in EV savings’

That’s if the second-hand market for EVs doesn’t increase, a report has said

Manchester adding 50 electric buses to its roads

This will double the fleet from April 2024 – to 100 buses

Sono Motors and pepper debut electric bus with solar technology

The customised version of the solar bus kit that contains 14 semi-flexible solar modules to provide 1.3kW peak power

EU greenlights €500m Italian scheme for switch to cleaner maritime vessels

It will support projects that increase the energy efficiency and environmental performance of vessels used for passenger, freight and combined transport

Will we see 40-tonne hydrogen lorries soon?

A Glaswegian company has released a glimpse into the first stage of developing the huge zero-emission HGV

OVO Energy offers free smart, zero-emission boilers in new trial

The boilers, funded by UK Power Networks, are expected to help households reduce their carbon emissions by 40% year-on-year