HS2 to be extended to Manchester

Once operational, all HS2 trains will run on zero-carbon energy

Taiwanese financial firm banks on renewables in 2050 net zero drive

E.SUN FHC has pledged to use 100% renewable energy by 2030 and become a net zero bank by 2050

Scotland’s Railway on track to reach net zero by 2035

It is working on electrifying its trains and hydrogen-based solutions to help hit the critical milestone

‘Energy certificates overestimate carbon impacts by 60%’

A new report suggests that EPCs are ‘misleading’ when it comes to understanding the carbon footprint of zero-carbon buildings

Maersk sails ahead with ‘carbon-neutral’ container ships order

They will replace older vessels and are expected to generate carbon savings of around one million tonnes annually

Toyota Canada facility achieves zero carbon building certification

Some of the building’s sustainability features include geothermal heating to reduce its reliance on emission-producing fuels and a 965MW rooftop solar array

Southern California Gas sets out 2045 net zero emissions pledge

By 2035, it aims to operate a 100% zero emission road vehicle fleet and achieve net zero energy for 100% of its buildings

INEOS’ subsidiary plans 20MW green hydrogen project in Norway

It intends to build an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, powered by zero carbon electricity

Mission Possible: New climate action partnership to help transform heavy industry and transport

It aims to accelerate several pathways for decarbonising the industries to influence and enable industry transformation at speed and scale

Climate Bonds Initiative sets out green bond criteria for shipping sector

It provides a clear definition for evaluation on whether a shipping project contributes to climate change mitigation as well as guidance on how companies can transition towards zero carbon