Google to stop YouTube ads for videos denying climate change

This also follows its changes to Google Maps and booking flights to provide the most fuel-efficient option as a default

YouTube alleged to be world’s ‘highest emitting website’

A new study revealed the websites across the net that produce the highest number of carbon emissions, with YouTube topping the list

Google data centres to ‘work harder when sun is shining and wind is blowing’

A new carbon-intelligent platform will shift the timing of non-urgent computing tasks to when more solar and wind power are available

E.ON buys certificates to offset carbon footprint of successful YouTube video

A film created by the energy company about ‘the world’s greenest data centre’ has attracted around five and a half million views at the time of writing, generating significant energy demand and associated emissions

Blog: YouTube GamerGran catches the energy mood…

Who do you associate video games with? Surely not the elderly? It’s the youngsters who pretend to save the world from all kinds of evil in their little fantasy world right? Well, that’s not the case this time. One such person, surprisingly, is a grandma (unlikely to be the sort to invite you in for […]

Matt Damon causes stink with toilet strike

The actor Matt Damon has pledged to go on strike from using the toilet until every person in the world has access to clean water. At a mocked-up press conference in a comedy Youtube video (pictured) which has already been viewed nearly 90,000 times, the film star’s pledge causes mass confusion among fake “news reporters”. […]