Are young people truly anti-business?

We spoke to two scouts at COP26 to get their views on how businesses can be better and what young people really think

The Greta Thunberg stereotype – ‘I don’t identify with that at all’

We spoke with Anna Bell who works at Fuel Change, which was set up with the aim of getting more young people active on climate change

Youngsters take centre stage at COP26

Politicians and world leaders heard the thoughts of young people on what needs to be done to tackle climate change – inside and outside of the conference

COP26: Climate change to be at the heart of education from 2023

The Education Secretary will announce new measures later today to empower more young people to take action to protect the environment and mitigate climate change

Young people most at risk in a flood, Environment Agency warns

Its research found 18 to 34-year olds are least likely to know if the area where they live is at risk of flooding and how to protect their homes and possessions

UK Government selects 50 young environment ambassadors

The announcement is part of the 2019 ‘Year of Green Action’ aimed at encouraging more people to be involved in projects to improve the natural world

Young people ‘don’t think adults are doing enough on climate change’

Around 80% would also like renewables to be the largest component in the future electricity mix

Young Brits back biomass

Nearly nine in ten young people in the UK support developing biomass and reducing greenhouse emissions. That’s according to statistics from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which shows three quarters of the 18-24-year olds believe the government needs to do more to enable this. The survey of 3,200 adults also shows support for bioenergy is […]

World’s young people ‘could face $535tn climate bill’

The financial burden for young people could total $535 trillion (£410tn) if action to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is delayed. That’s according to a new study published in Earth System Dynamics, a journal of the European Geosciences Union, which suggests continued high fossil fuel emissions will lead to a “massive, expensive clean-up problem” for […]

UN to fund $15k for young people’s green ideas

The UN has launched a global competition to fund young peoples’ innovative green solutions. The organisation’s environment department announced Young Champions of the Earth, an initiative to provide six ‘Young Champions’ with $15,000 (£11,730) each in funding to help ensure their sustainable ideas can become reality. The participants, aged between 18 and 30, will also receive intensive mentoring […]