Nearly 45% of Britons ‘wrongly dispose of unflushables’

Three-in-ten are flushing wet wipes, new survey finds

Yorkshire Water trials smart tech to speed up sewer work

The water company has adopted new technology that allows engineers and technicians to help and advise their colleagues remotely

Yorkshire Water trials eco-friendly concrete tech

The new ceramic surface treatment, developed by advanced materials manufacturer Haydale, is designed to prevent concrete decay and prolong the life of assets

Farmers in East Yorkshire seek to cut emissions with ‘cover crops’

Trials of an innovative project have shown plants, which are planted to cover the soil can sequester more than four tonnes of carbon every year

Yorkshire Water opens tender for solar energy development

The water company plans to install photovoltaic infrastructure across 150 of its sites, with forecast emission reductions of approximately 6,000 tonnes annually

Yorkshire Water converts tanker truck to run on hydrogen fuel

The company retrofitted a standard truck to use hydrogen dual-fuel – it will be deployed in the supply restoration team in South Yorkshire and will generate 33% less carbon emissions than a typical vehicle

Yorkshire Water commences smart water network pilot

The project aims to help prioritise repairs, reduce leaks and end supply interruptions

Yorkshire Water: ‘New smart meters could save millions of litres of water’

The firm is to trial the new devices over a two-year period in Sheffield – it believes they could save up to 250,000 litres of water per burst pipe

Yorkshire Water pledges to plant 250,000 trees by 2020

The water company previously set a goal of planting one million tress across the UK and said it is putting the environment at the forefront of its plans

Yorkshire Water trials EVs at treatment site in Leeds

The water company is exploring cleaning up its fleet as part of its commitment to be carbon-neutral by 2030