Lotus to build £900m EV plant in Wuhan

The sports car brand has stated the plant will ramp up production to 150,000 vehicles per year

Fuel cell bus in Wuhan ‘travels equivalent of one lap around the world’

The bus, which used a 40kW fuel cell system, run in daily traffic on two bus lines in Wuhan, one of them covering 12km with 16 stops

Coronavirus forces Tesla to temporarily close Shanghai factory

The facility, which officially opened earlier this month, has been shut down to help limit the spread of the disease

Hydrogen buses hit the roads across Chinese city

The first batch of mass-produced hydrogen-powered buses have been launched in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Co-developed by Wuhan Skywell New Energy Automotive Company and the Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Company, the vehicles have a range of more than 450 kilometres, consuming only 5.2 kilograms of the gas every 100 kilometres. The 8.5-meter bus […]