‘Low carbon investments to rise by $60bn this year’

This will take the figure to $620bn, a report has found

Norfolk offshore energy storage project given green light

Up to 3m homes will be provided with electricity stored at the site

‘A building is zero-carbon until someone’s inside’

Energy efficiency means both ‘financial and carbon savings’ – so why is it ignored so commonly?

Wind generation record smashed in UK

In 2022, the record was broken three times, research has revealed

Rishi Sunak says “net zero will be solved by innovation”

The UK needs to have “the most innovative economy in the world,” the PM said in his New Year’s Speech

Wind firm to sue government over windfall tax

It claims the tax goes against what the Net Zero Strategy stands for

China opens largest energy storage station

The 200MW facility will store both wind and solar power

‘Electricity Generator Levy threat to renewable investment’

The REA says the windfall tax could slow growth towards net zero

Wales looks to build publicly-owned wind farms

This will be to bring profits back to local communities, the Welsh government has said

IEA: Ukraine War could make renewables world’s top energy source

That’s as many countries impose bans on fossil fuels, a report suggests