‘Climate change is causing a jump in microscopic diseases’

As mosquitoes thrive, so do diseases such as dengue and chikungunya, the WHO has said

UN backs project to remove mercury from skin products

The chemical is commonly used in skin lightening products and is harmful to health and the planet

Mayors come together to clean up cities

They will discuss how to make cities healthier to live in and implement measures like the ULEZ

WHO and UK launch alliance to turn COP promises into reality

This platform will help countries deliver on commitments to make healthcare greener

More than 60% UK schools exceed healthy levels of air pollution

These levels are driven by rush hour traffic, research shows

India’s solar output dropped by a third due to air pollution

Polluted air is stopping all the potential sunlight reaching the surface, a new report claims

New UAE-IRENA initiative to cook up clean energy solutions

The Beyond Food partnership will promote the deployment of clean cooking solutions across the world, as more than 2.6bn people still rely on traditional fuels for their cooking needs