Switching your business utilities online: a step-by-step guide

At Watt.co.uk you can conduct a full energy market comparison for both your gas and electricity, and complete your switch online, in five simple, hassle-free steps. Step 1 The first part of the online switching process requires you to provide your contact and business details, such as your name, address, energy supplier, business type etc. You will […]

The switching process – a step-by-step guide

Step 1 To request a quote you can visit watt.co.uk or call directly on 0843 9033201. Once we have received your request a member of the Watt team will contact you – via your preferred method of contact – to collect and confirm information which is essential in order for us to source rates that are relevant for […]

A guide to business energy contracts

Renewing/switching your business utility contract is highly important in order to prevent paying out-of-contract rates. This used to be a complex and sometimes risky process due to the strict guidelines suppliers imposed. However, in April 2015 Ofgem altered the termination process to make it more straightforward. Businesses can now notify suppliers of their termination at any point in the […]

Watt’s winter energy saving tips

As a business owner, do you find that your utility bills dramatically increase during the cold winter months? Here are some simple energy saving tips, that can help you to remain energy efficient during winter and ultimately keep those utility bills low. Heating During the winter it is highly important that your business premises remains at a comfortable […]

How can credit scores affect your business utilities?

Utilities are essential for any business to function successfully, regardless of their size or industry. Therefore, it is vital for organisations to do their homework in order to source the best deal for their business. There are many suppliers across the market, and they all provide a multitude of rates. This often gives businesses a wide range of […]

Why should you use a broker to switch or renew your business energy contract?

People often question whether using a broker to obtain an energy deal for their business is the right step, however, running a business can be extremely time consuming, which ultimately means that searching the market to find the most suitable energy deal can sometimes be put on the back burner. Consequently, businesses often end up […]

The deregulation of the English water market

In April 2017 there will be significant changes to the English water market, as the current market will be deregulated, subsequently opening the market up to other suppliers. These changes will give businesses the opportunity to choose who supplies their water and wastewater services, just as they do with other utilities, such as gas and […]

What does the p272 legislation mean for my business?

There are significant changes afoot for business energy customers – you might want to make a note in your calendar for 1st April 2017. With the introduction of p272 legislation, your electricity bill is about to get a lot more complicated. Over 100,000 business owners will be affected by the changes to business electricity billing. […]