‘New homes less water efficient than those built in the 1930s’

Houses built before 1900 have a better boiler efficiency than those made between 1950 and 1982, as well as 1991 to 1995, a new study claims

Over 34% average water-saving delivered for wide range of sites in drive to reduce running costs in local communities

An average 34.6% water-saving has been delivered after more than 200 site visits to a range of businesses and public sector buildings, as part of a new project delivered by water retailer Water Plus

‘Much of England to suffer from water stress by 2040’

Water stress is when there is more demand than what’s readily available

Water retailer Water Plus helps SAMS tap into a brand-new carbon storage project

The Scottish Association for Marine Science has announced a new corporate supporter, who are helping to accelerate research into blue carbon capture

Leaking pipe
Sewage leaked for more than 1.75m hours last year

That’s according to the latest report by the Environment Agency

NASA satellites show before and after on climate change

Images have been released detailing the impact global warming has had on certain areas over the last 30-40 years

UN: ‘Stop overusing water or we could run out’

The world’s water supply is being drained by overconsumption, a new report has found

Water sector is ‘failing’ on pollution

That’s the claim of a committee report, stating both Ofwat and the government are failing in supporting the water industry

‘Driest February in 30 years’

England is in desperate need of heavy rainfall for farming and drinking water supplies, a report suggests

Germany launches water strategy to combat drought

This is its first ever national water strategy