Polluting water companies could face £250m fine

This is a 1,000-fold increase from the current cap of £250k

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

From shops to manufacturers and industry, there are opportunities for efficiency and utility cost gains from looking more at water use

New reservoirs on the cards to fight UK drought

Anglian Water is looking to build them in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire

UN treaty on ocean health at final stages

The treaty has been deliberated over since 2018

People queuing to get bottled water as taps run dry in Surrey

Thames Water has received fierce criticism over the failure of its welfare services during the heatwave

Activists plug golf holes with cement in climate change protest

French eco-protestors have sealed up holes to highlight the “monopolisation” of water by the golf industry

Is the UK heading towards a national hosepipe ban?

Government advisers have warned that Britain could face queuing for emergency bottled water “from the back of lorries”

Government clamps down on water pollution

New planning permission has also been granted for sustainable countryside homes

‘Water companies’ pollution performance hits new low’

The Environment Agency claims the level of serious incidents and low ratings has never been so bad

Sweet! Mars launches new planet-friendly and animal-free chocolate

It partnered with food technology company Perfect Day for ‘CO2COA’, with the name paying homage to its Rainforest Alliance-Certified cocoa and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in product sourcing