Water Plus sponsors trees for healthcare sites – and supports organisations on water efficiency

Extra trees are being planted in the UK – including on and near healthcare sites – as part of work by water retailer Water Plus to boost green canopies for communities

Water awareness boosted amongst school pupils, to help reduce impacts on the environment

Pupils have been learning about the importance of reducing water waste, as part of work with Water Plus, the largest water retailer in the UK, which is also involved in a school Careers Hub

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Carbon reduction successes with water

Water can cut carbon emissions linked to your organisation – and help reduce energy bills – and this really can involve just a few simple steps. The official water partner for Future Net Zero, Water Plus, outlines how

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Climate emergency challenges for the public sector: how water efficiency can power progress

As many public sector organisations declare climate emergencies or are just looking at ways to bring down their utility costs across sites its important to include water into the mix

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Strengthening sustainability steps and action with employees (through staff initiatives and communications)

Engaging employees with the environment can happen with some simple steps in any organisation

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Where’s the carbon emissions in water – and why businesses should care

Water can be a whizz to help organisations, small and large, reduce impacts they can have. It can also lower energy use

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

From shops to manufacturers and industry, there are opportunities for efficiency and utility cost gains from looking more at water use

BAE Systems joins forces with Water Plus to help reduce impacts on the environment and increase efficiency across its site portfolio

BAE Systems has expanded its water monitoring and management capabilities by teaming up with Water Plus

Being wiser on water can serve up a greater saving for manufacturers – including on carbon emissions

Manufacturers are making progress with water efficiency in the UK – with a 39% decrease in water use and 47% drop per tonne of product, according to statistics published for the food and drink sector in the last year*

Extra trees for Birmingham communities as EcoPark works with Water Plus to educate on environment

School children and communities will get a green canopy boost in Birmingham, after water retailer Water Plus teamed up with Birmingham and the Black Country Wildlife Trust’s EcoPark education centre