Water firms ‘must work harder to keep consumer trust’

Water companies must do more to ensure they keep the trust of their customers. Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive at Ofwat said suppliers must address “lingering public concerns”, including the perception that boards are “stuffed full of investors” and water firms are “making every call” in the interests of investors rather than customers. She said: “If […]

Water regulator says Brits could see ‘a decade of falling bills’

Ofwat has signalled water customers could be at the start of “the decade of falling bills”. The water regulator’s Chair Jonson Cox believes prices could fall in real terms until 2025 at least. He said the upcoming price review is likely to set a new record for the “lowest ever regulated cost of capital for […]

Want to save £100? Trial a water meter!

Hundreds of thousands of householders could be missing out on lower water bills because they’re unaware they can trial a water meter. According to a new survey by Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), only one in four customers in England and Wales, who pay fixed charges, know they can trial a meter for up to […]

Grenfell fire: Energy and water suppliers pledge support

Energy and water suppliers have pledged a support package for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Power companies providing gas and electricity to residents of the building have agreed to write off any outstanding debts for energy bills, while preserving prepayment and credit balances. They will also not be charged for energy for the period […]

England opens world’s biggest retail water market

The retail water market for businesses in England is now officially open. That means more than 1.2 million eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations will, for the first time, be able to choose who they pay for their retail water and wastewater services in the country. The new market is the biggest of its […]

Businesses ‘won’t see massive savings’ in retail water market

Businesses should not expect to see massive savings by switching to a different supplier when the retail water market opens next month. That’s the view of Aidan Lupton, Project Manager at energy consultancy BIU, who advises businesses to be wary of brokers that offer great savings. His comment comes as more than 1.2 million eligible […]

Cash-strapped consumers missing out on lower water bills

Tens of thousands of householders in England and Wales are missing out on support that could significantly reduce their water bills. That’s according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), which has worked with 19 water companies in recent years to launch social tariff schemes. That can reduce the amount low income households have to […]

Could behavioural science experts help drive water efficiency?

South East Water has joined forces with behavioural science experts to develop innovative approaches in a bid to cut consumers’ water use and bills. Advizzo is to help the water company’s customers better control the water they use and the bill they pay by encouraging behavioural change. South East Water said it has used various […]

Householders’ support for water competition ‘depends on savings’

Two thirds of householders would welcome choice over their retail water supplier but expect competition to deliver significant savings on bills. That’s according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), which states their freedom to shop around for a different retail supplier “hinges on the size of savings”. It found only a third of customers said […]

Yorkshire Water unveils £318m improvement plans

Yorkshire Water has unveiled a £318 million investment programme to meet challenges posed by climate change, a growing population and ageing infrastructure. The money will be invested in improving water and sewerage services, including drinking water quality and wastewater treatment plants, in the next 12 months. The funding takes its total investment for the 2015-2020 […]