Morrisons goes glitter-free to make Christmas more sustainable

The supermarket chain has removed glitter across all its own-brand ranges of greetings cards, gift wrap, seasonal items and plants in stores

Comic Relief launches its first-ever plastic-free nose

The charity’s red noses for 2021 will be made from a plant-based material called bagasse

Aldi scraps single-use fruit and veg bags

The supermarket giant expects to save more than 100 tonnes of plastic a year with the move

IKEA to stop selling non-rechargeable alkaline batteries by 2021

The initiative aims to inspire consumers to make a switch to rechargeable batteries and reduce waste at home

Plastic straws to be banned in England from tomorrow

The ban applies to all businesses that supply these products, including manufacturers and retailers

Sri Lanka sends 21 waste containers back to UK after discovering hazardous contents

Around 260 tonnes of rubbish arrived in the capital city of Columbo between September 2017 and March 2018 – they have now been shipped back to the UK

National Rail gets on track for a circular future with coffee cup recycling scheme

Currently, only 30% of people who buy coffee while travelling recycle their cup properly by using a recycling bin specifically for paper cups

MEPS urge EU to tackle pharmaceutical pollution by making greener medicines

The calls for greener manufacturing and better waste management aim to reduce environmental impacts without affecting the effectiveness of the drugs

Apple ‘dodges MP’s questions’ about its true sustainability credentials

The tech giant cancelled its appearance at the EAC’s Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy inquiry on short notice and has not answered letters written since

McDonald’s launches new partnership to pilot reusable coffee cups

McDonald’s customers in some UK restaurants will be able to choose a reusable hot beverage cup which they can return to be cleaned and reused