Biffa electrifies refuse trucks

The waste management company will convert ten diesel refuse trucks into electric counterparts in collaboration with Lunaz

Recycled steel could meet 80% of future UK demand

Enhanced steel utilisation and recycling could cut steel product carbon footprint, potentially reducing embedded carbon by 14% and UK domestic steel industry emissions by 6% by 2030, according to a report

‘UK’s first’ large-scale battery recycling plant sparks up in West Midlands

The recycling plant in Wolverhampton can safely process 22,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries a year

Surfing champ calls for sport to become more sustainable

Most surfboards and wetsuits are currently made from petrochemicals, leading to high carbon emissions

Strategy launched to make nuclear waste disposal safer

It will ensure waste is taken to appropriate facilities and managed in the most sustainable way

Leaking pipe
Sewage leaked for more than 1.75m hours last year

That’s according to the latest report by the Environment Agency

O2 stops 250k devices from hitting landfill

In 2022, it claims that 92% of old devices were refurbished and resold as ‘like new’ products

Fukushima now turning rice into low carbon plastic?

The rice that cannot be consumed is being used as plastic by businesses across Japan

How long can your booze last?

Knowing how long your drink lasts can stop waste, research suggests

‘Heat pumps can cut carbon from biogas by 36%’

This is according to scientists, claiming they clean up the process of anaerobic digestion