Kleenex wipes up waste by removing plastic on all tissue boxes

The change aims to make recycling easier for customers and is expected to remove 82 tonnes of plastic per year from the supply chain

Geminor signs contract to deliver 30,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel to Danish waste operator each year

The waste management company will supply Amager Resource Centre with the feedstock for its energy-from-waste incineration plant

Germany announces 2021 single-use plastics ban

Disposable products such as plastic plates, straws, stirring sticks, cotton buds and plastic balloon sticks will be banned from July 2021

Amazon to build the world’s first net zero carbon stadium

The arena will use recycled rainwater to create the ‘greenest ice’ for the NHL hockey games

New Norwegian company set up to increase waste wood recycling rates across Europe

Geminor, Retura IR and Retura Ostfold are the three holding companies behind the new firm – together, they handle around 200,000 tonnes of waste wood per year

Samsung receives zero waste to landfill validation for its manufacturing sites

The Korean electronics giant has shifted waste management methods from thermal processing or landfill disposals to recycling and reuse

Carlsberg says cheers to cutting CO2 emissions with paper bottles

The ‘world’s first paper beer bottle’ will be made from 100% bio-based and fully recyclable wood fibres

In 2019, Geminor slashed emissions across Europe by 416k tonnes

A new report highlights that the waste firm has reduced its emissions by around 131,742 tonnes compared to 2018

Gucci to cut number of fashion shows to reduce clothing waste

The fashion giant plans to host just two “seasonless” catwalk shows each year and suggests clothes need to last longer than a single season

Dunkin’ says goodbye to foam with global transition to paper cups

The sustainable change is expected to remove 8,618 tonnes of polystyrene from the waste stream annually