Could self-powered mobile phone masts end ‘no bar blues’?

Vodafone has switched on a mobile phone mast that incorporates a wind turbine, solar panels and on-site battery storage

Three new solar farms in the UK to charge Vodafone’s net zero targets

Once operational, the projects are forecast to produce enough electricity to power 30,000 homes for a year

Vodafone to deploy self-powered mobile towers

It is hoping the masts can contribute to its aim of achieving net zero across UK operations by 2027

Vodafone and Ericsson almost halve 5G energy consumption

The companies held a successful trial showing a 43% reduction in daily average consumption for the network

Vodafone vows to eliminate all UK carbon emissions by 2027

By July 2021, its European network, across 16 countries, will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources and its fleet of cars and vans will be electric by 2027

New eco scheme announced to find out how sustainable your phone is

It has been created to consider the environmental impacts of production, use, transportation and the disposal of mobile phones

Vodafone dials in to net zero by 2040

The telecoms giant has brought its original 2050 net zero ambition forward by ten years

Vodafone shrinks its carbon footprint by 25,000 tonnes in three years

The reduction was achieved through green measures that led to an energy saving of 100GWh

Vodafone brings its 100% renewables target four years forward to 2021

Around four-fifths of the firm’s energy will be from renewables obtained from the grid and the remaining power will be covered by renewable energy certificates

Iberdrola to provide 100% renewable energy to Vodafone’s Spanish business

Around 140GWh/year of the total 540 GWh/year will be supplied under a PPA linked to the new 49MW Puylobo wind project, which is currently under construction in Aragón